Entry #24

Female voice actress wanted for song!

2016-11-09 17:20:19 by Slintas

Hello. Looking for a female voice actress, with a good microphone that can sound like a 20-30 year old.
It's for a song I'm making. The third part in a series of '80s Synthwave songs.

It's about a murderer called Neon City Slasher, who with over 30 confirmed kills is about to kill another helpless woman.

First part:

Second Part:

Here's the script if you want to give it a go!

Woman: (Panicked, crying) Let me go you fucking psychopath!

Neon City Slasher: Be quiet you disgusting whore! (This will be voiced by me)

Woman: (Panicked, crying) Please, please!! I'll do anything, please!!...

Woman: (Screams as the knife plunges into her head)

(song starts)

This website is perfect for uploading songs or voice demos1199089_147872992991_sss.png

Thanks, and have fun!


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